“Having sent my employer the appeal letter that you re-worded I received an email from my line manager approving my flexible working hours application. I was extremely relieved & am sure my employer’s change of mind was all down to the advice you gave me”  H.R, Wilts.


“I really appreciate everything you have done for me.  I know you were just doing your job but I felt so supported by you and well advised and that meant a lot. I hope I never go through a situation like this again but if I ever do, or any of my friends do, you will be the first person I think to go to/recommend. I wish you continued success for the future as you’re a fab solicitor!”  NC, Leics.


“How many more women, especially in the current climate where jobs are going and changing are affected by this issue and do not know their rights?! I know is a controversial and sensitive issue to those not on maternity but laws are not made lightly and can imagine women have been caught foul many times with similiar issues.  Anyway hopefully I will not need to pursue this any further now, even though they have been very poor on this issue, but is good to know there are organisations like yours we can go to if we need to.  Thank you.” EC, Lincs.


 “With thanks for all your work put in for the tribunal.” AA, Berkshire


“Thank you so much for your help and advice. I think what you’re doing is fantastic. Too many companies take advantage of women and their position in the work place when they come back as mothers. I will be writing a letter to the senior members of the company to let them know how unfairly I felt I was treated. Again, many thanks and best wishes for the future.”  AM, Middlesex


 “It’s been great working with you. Thanks again for all your help.” AA, London


 “I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support that you have given me.” CC, Teeside